Summer Holiday 2015 –Day 5 – Walking in the dolomites

We woke to sunshine so we packed up and drove into the national park. We went for a walk up a side valley and looped around back to the car. The walk took a number of hours which were filled in mostly by walking but also by standing directly on a curled up snake which went hisssssssssss as I stood on it and then hisss hissss hissss afterwards.

I did a quick climb on a cliff next to the road that we had spotted on the way in. Then it was off to Slovenia. We arrived late at our camp site on the Soča river.

Unhappy Mr Snake 3 (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: As we set off for our walk in the Dolomites I was very careful to step right in the middle of this curled up snake. It got quite a fright and slithered off and hissed at me from a distance. Poor thing.

Walking up the valley (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: It was a nice walk. The colours probably weren’t quite this vivid though to be honest.

Looking down (Summer holiday 2015)

Above: I did one climb after our walk before we drove the remaining distance to Slovenia in the evening arriving late at night.

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