Two types of climbing

Brendan came to visit on Friday evening and I met him with some folks from work in Bregenz. We had a drink or two and then after missing the last train got home with a mix of me running and sitting on the back of the one bike between us.

On Saturday we cruised over to Bregenz again and went climbing on the crag above the town. It was very nice and surprisingly empty considering it was a very nice day. We found a patch in the shade to climb in to reduce the sweating. We went swimming in the lake on the way back and then BBQed with a little one-use BBQ at the lake in the evening with some work friends.

On Sunday we headed to Allgäu and did the Salewa Klettersteig which was good fun and a bit scrambly. Brendan headed home and we went to dinner with some more work friends. A good weekend.

Oh, I also did the klettersteig with Frauke a while back.


Setting off (Salewa Klettersteig 2015)

Above: We set off in the sunshine with smiles on our faces.

After putting on our harnesses (Salewa Klettersteig 2015)Leonie climbing (Salewa Klettersteig 2015)Clipping (Salewa Klettersteig 2015)

Above left: I packed some rope in case of spooky bits. Above middle: In fact it was very steep in parts. This was a little tricky but Leonie managed just fine, although found it a bit spooky. Above right: It was often comforting to have a rope to attach ourselves to.

Brendand waiting (Salewa Klettersteig)Leonie on another tricky bit (Salewa Klettersteig 2015)Leonie at the top (Salewa Klettersteig)

Above left: Brendan cruised ahead at times and waited for us at convenient spots. Above middle: This was probably the crux. A tricky section that required some arm strength. Above right: We made it to the top.

Mmm lunch time (Salewa Klettersteig 2015)

Above: At the top it was time for a very speedy lunch before running back down to the car and delivering Brendan to the train station.

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