Trail Monte Casto 2017

Leonie and I ran the Trail Monte Casto in Italy today. It was a short ultra-marathon at 46 km / 2200 m. It was pretty tough. For a change we ran together for the entire race. Probably because Leonie wasn’t feeling so good and couldn’t leave me. Muhahaha. My ITB on my left leg gave me problems after 20 km but by the end it was my knees that were pretty sore.

The race was ok but the scenery wasn’t as spectacular as the Transruinaulta marathon in Switzerland last weekend. Still most of it was offroad which was nice.

We both finished in 6 hours 23 minutes and 36 seconds. Not really a blistering pace but I was happy to complete it.

Strava had something to say about all this. Strangely my watch seems to have died at some point and created a long straight line in the course. This certainly wasn’t the case. It was much squigglier than that.



Above: At the start line.

Above: At the start line.

Above: Feeling a bit tired.

Above: A bit tired.

Above: Posing at the finish after the race.


Above: Posing at the finish after the race.

Trail Monte Casto – 6:23:36, 46 km / 2200m Place 155/299 overall, 136/247 category

Leonie placed 19/52 in her category

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