Climbing in Ticino Oct 2017

One of those lost little trips that I never managed to get around to blogging about. It’s now April 2020 so I’m pretty hazy on the details. Maybe I wrote about this trip and it vanished when my PC was hacked in 2018. Who knows?

Leonie and I climbed one of the easy multipitch routes in Ponte Brolla that I first climbed a month earlier during a multipitch climbing course. I don’t really remember much about the weekend except that we had nice warm autumn weather. Leonie climbed well despite her sometimes fear of heights. We both enjoyed it.

Leonie and Cris on the climb (Multipitch in Ticino Oct 2017)View from the climb (Multipitch in Ticino Oct 2017)Looking down to Leonie (Multipitch in Ticino Oct 2017)Leonie starting a climb (Multipitch in Ticino Oct 2017)

1) Leonie and I did an easy multipitch route in Ponte Brolla.

2) It was a nice warm autumn day.

3) Leonie coming up on top rope.

4) Leonie starting another climb a day later.

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