Ski touring Kühtai Day 3 – Hintere Karlesspitze

The best day on tour so far. More amazing weather. We headed up the valley again from the hut. Once again the weather was perfect. We took a right instead of following yesterday’s route to the Wechnerscharte. This lead us up a steep slope to the Hintere Karlesspitze. The snow was beginning to get a bit slushy as the slope was facing directly into the sun. We executed standing turns, zig-zagging up the slope. Sliding out of the ski track would have been not a good idea and would have resulted in a long slide back down the slope, probably not too dangerous but not that pleasant all the same. We reached the ridge leading up towards the summit. It was really quite steep here and a slide down the East facing slope would not have been good so I took my skis off and carried them to the flat part below the summit. We walked the few metres up to the summit and then after everyone had assembled we all headed down the ridge and then dropped into the Wörgetal valley. Johannes D wanted to ski a more demanding line and the rest of us had a delicious powder run down fairly gentle slopes into a large basin.

We put our skins back on and tracked up to the ridge below the Wörgegratspitze. Johannes D and I went for a walk along the ridge a bit in the snow while we waited for the others to arrive. After a bite to eat we descended down amazing powdery slopes down to the main valley far below. We finished with a great traverse through forest ending by the road. From there it was a short skin back up to the hut for a well earned rest.

Ski touring Kuehtai 2019 - Hintere Karlesspitze

Above: Our track for day 3.