Dreilaender Giro 2019

I rode the Dreilaender Giro on Sunday. As we entered late, only the B Strecke was available but it’s still a good challenge and is 120km/3000m. I was put in the second start block but Leonie was unfortunately put into the 4th.

Eruope was in the middle of a heat wave and the 6 am start was actually quite good. The race starts in Nauders and we headed over the Reschenpass and down to Prad am Stilfserjoch. Our average speed shortly before the township was 42.8 km/h due to the long flowing descent from the Reschenpass. After Prad the long long ascent to Stelvio began. It’s something like 1800 m. I was happy with how my legs went. I climbed at an ok pace not being passed by too many people. My heart rate remained reasonably low during the climb at around 160-ish which was probably good, although it means I could have ridden faster with the risk of blowing out later on. There was still snow beside the roads in patches but it was warm while riding up.

I rode over the summit and the start of the ride down as much cooler, almost a bit cold. There was much more snow on this side. I passed a few guys on the ride down and then I worked with a small group as we descended more gradually back into the valley. The final part of the race was the ride back up to the Reschenpass but on an old side road. The course turned onto a cycle way and by that stage I just had one guy who had better legs in front of me who towed me towards the top of the pass. We had a few people on the last downhill to the finish line and we worked together smashing along around 50 km/h. The finish was suddenly there and I crossed it without any need to sprint.

I waited for Leonie to finish but missed her crossing the finish line. She drove back to our bakingly hot camp site in Pfunds and I cycled back the 10 km downhill. She had placed again so we went to the prize giving in the afternoon. She had got 3rd place in her category and had won the cup trophy. Her boyfriend Christian had placed first overall on the short course.

Dreilaender Giro 2019

Time: 4:42:19.9 Dst: 120 km/3000 m Cat place 25/103 finishers. Overall 66/638 finishers.


Dreilaender Giro 2019 – Ergebnisliste (nach Klasse) – Netto – Vinschgau (mit ZW)

Dreilaender Giro 2019 – Ergebnisliste (Overall) – Netto – Vinschgau (mit ZW)

Rig dolomites day 5

The rest day seemed to have helped… or at least I don’t understand my body. My legs worked well today. We headed off at 9 as usual and rode down the valley taking a right hand turn and heading up to Passo Valles. I was feeling good and rode off with Thomas to the pass. I’m not entirely sure how but I rode away from him and got to the top with my heart rate up near maximum.

Having arrived at Passo Valles (Dolomites with RIG June 2019)

Above: Thomas and I rode hard up to the first pass.

We had a short descent and then a left hand turn. I followed Thomas up towards Passo Rolle. We duelled up to the pass. Thomas put in some hard attacks but I managed to close the gap until it came down to a sprint to the pass. I reached it with my heart rate up near maximum again.

At passo Rolle (Dolomites with RIG June 2019) 

Above: Thomas and I rode hard again to the second pass.

Little church and grey clouds(Dolomites with RIG June 2019)

Above: Dark clouds.

The descent from Passo Rolle was very nice. It was very very long without too many switch backs to slow things down, at least once we were lower. The views towards the mountains were nice. We descended into the valley and found a place for a short stop. We grabbed a bite to eat and then it was up to the next pass.

I expected my legs to be well and truly cooked after the first pass and then definitely after the second pass but they seemed to be ok still. Kind of. Marco and Thomas rode ahead and I rode with them. Marco dropped back and it was just Thomas and I again. It was steep and very hot. I considered telling him it was his pass and dropping back. His heart rate was 155 and mine was 187, which I thought was not going to give me much room to continue. But at one of the steep parts I gained a lead and then managed to ride away. The pass flattened off at the top and with a heart rate of 194 I puffed past the pass sign.

At Passo Cereda (Dolomites with RIG June 2019)

Above: And another pass at high speed.

We didn’t stay long at the pass as there were a few spots of rain already and dark clouds in one direction. We descended then had another short climb, then a very long descent, which was nice. Once in the valley we had a 20 km ride back up to our flat in Caprille.

A good day out.

Above: Strava says…

Unfortunately it seems I was too busy riding hard to film the glory with my GoPro Sad smile

Dolomittenrundfahrt Lienz 2019

Hmmm, what to say? Last year was much better.

Leonie and I drove to Lienz on Friday evening. On Saturday we did a couple of klettersteige, and on Sunday we did the Dolomittenrundfahrt. I was pretty happy and a bit surprised how the race went last year. I got 23rd place in my category. This year it was a little different. Let’s start with some nice pictures of the klettersteige.

Cris (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)

Above: Leonie and I went and did a couple of klettersteige before the race. Here I am at the start of the Pirknerklamm.

Climbing along the river 3 (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)

Above: The route was nice, just above the river.

Cris and Leonie (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)Leonie climbing up (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)

Above left: The route was officially closed due to damage after flooding or something but we decided to check it out anyway thinking we would turn around if it was dubious. Above right: Leonie finds bits like this a bit spooky but she did well.

Cris waving (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)Leoine and waterfall (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)

Above left: Definitely a nice route up the river. Above right: We had to climb out of the klamm at the end of the first section past a big waterfall.

Leonie jumping across the river (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)Leonie climbing (Pirknerklamm Klettersteig)Cris and church

Above left: The second was more open. Leonie tries to keep her feet dry on the river crossing. Above middle: The second section was scenic like the first. Above right: We tried another klettersteig after the first near a small town.

We both started in the elite block again. Last year the race went from zero to full speed at the gun. This year they neutralised the start a little and the pace wasn’t so extreme. We still had a police escort at the front but no police helicopter this time.

There was a crash in the bunch in front of me not long after the start but I managed to avoid getting tangled up amongst the cyclists and continued. I wanted to get a good bunch so rode up near to the front at the beginning of the first climb and cycled as hard as I could. This worked quite well for about half of the ascent and I passed many people. It didn’t work so well for the second half and a few people passed me and many people got away up the road.

At the top of the climb I hooked onto the back of a bunch and stuck with them for quite a while but I wasn’t feeling particularly springy and fresh and I realised I wasn’t going to be able to hang about with them for the entire race.

I kept up for a bit along the rolling course but then slipped back to another bunch. This continued for much of the race until I had slipped a long way back down the field. I was feeling even less springy by now. The climbing is essentially over around 80km and around the time we reached the valley back to Lienz a bigger bunch caught up again and I hung on to that. We made a good pace down the valley. I didn’t bother sprinting at the finish.

Unlike last year I didn’t go back to get my camera as I was pretty sure Leonie wouldn’t be far away. In fact, during the race I was expecting her to come flying by in one of the bunches. I was right, she rolled across the finish line about 10 minutes later. Far too close behind me for comfort! Probably she’ll be faster than me next year.

We took some posy photos at the finish line and complained a bit how we both had bad races. We headed back to the camp site and got ready to laze until Leonie found out that she had got 3rd place in her category. Hmmm…

Leonie at the prize giving (Dolomitenrundfahrt)

Above: Leonie at the prize giving.

Leonie on the podium (Dolomitenrundfahrt)

Above: Leonie did extremely well getting 3rd place in her category.

Leonie and her prize (Dolomitenrundfahrt)

Above: Leonie posing with her trophy.

After the prize giving we did some premium lazing.