A long weekend of climbing

Johannes and I headed off for a long weekend of climbing. First stop was Konstein where we met Sam and Sebas and some other climbers. We had picked up Brendan on the way too. We did a few routes there in the forest and in the evening we drove to Regensburg and went out to sample some beer at a festival in the town.

On Friday we went climbing near Regensburg and then hung out at a lake with Domi who met us there. The evening had another trip to the beer festival for us.

On Saturday Johannes and I packed our bags and farewelled our hosts and set sail for the Salzkammergut. We arrived at the Mondsee around midday and headed up to the Drachenwand klettersteig. I did this with Brendan a few years ago but completely failed to blog about it despite having it on a todo list for years. Such is the power of my organisational skills.

The weather was very good for steiging so we steiged merrily, ascending quickly. Most people had already finished as we were late starting. We took some posy photos on the swing bridge and continued to the top. The klettersteig is pretty nice and not too hard and the views down to the Mondsee are great.

We headed off to a campsite at the Wolfgangsee afterwards.

On Sunday we headed back to the Plombergstein. We were there in 2017 with Ari, Sebas, Sam, and Brendan. Johannes was keen to get revenge on the nasty multi-pitch climb that he and Ari had trouble with on our last trip.

The climb went smoothly, well mostly. The way the rock sloped made it hard to hear each other which was difficult at the end of each pitch.

We drove back to Lindau in the afternoon.

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