Ari visits-28-29

Day 28

Unfortunately it was our last day and although we would have preferred to spend much longer on the west coast we started making our way back towards Christchurch. We went for a short walk at a lake and then had some food in Hokitika at a park bench while the sea gulls squabbled over who should get first go at our bread. We drove into rain but by the time we got to Arthurs Pass it had cleared so we went for a short walk up into the bush on the Avalanche Peak track. We had been hoping to see keas but none were around. We stopped again at the Bealy Spur carpark and lay in the grass in a depression near the road for a while. Then it was back to Christchurch.

Looking down the valley (Ari visits 2020)Ari walking down (Ari visits 2020)View from Bealy Spur car park (Ari visits 2020)

1) We went for a little walk up the Avalanche Peak track a wee way.

2) We headed back down and kept driving.

3) One more stop at the Bealy Spur car park.

Day 29

I dropped Ari at the airport and she flew back to Barcelona. We had a hot chocolate and played the piano outside the airport before she left.