Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014

After our tramp around Mt Arthur area we cruised back to the coast and stayed the night at Old Mac Donald’s farm before setting off on the 23rd for some seakayaking fun from Marahau.

The conditions were perfect when we left – Nice and sunny and warm and most importantly very little wind. We cruised around Fisherman and Adele Islands, stopping at Te Puketia later before heading up to Mosquito Bay in the evening. We made dinner there and then went for another evening cruise up to Tonga Island. The stars were out to impress in the evening and snapped away merrily.

We headed off from Mosquito Bay early the next day and headed North for another loop around Tonga Island before heading back South. No wind and nice and still to start with. A northerly got up later and pushed us back to Marahau. We had a stop at Te Puketia and cruised around Adele Island again before having lunch at Apple Tree Bay.

Then it was a drive in the evening to the Lake Daniels campsite where we pitched a tent for the night.

Following a seal (Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014)Bellbird looking for nectar (Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014)

Above left: Leonie and I went seakayaking for a couple of days in the Abel Tasman National Park. We set off from Marahau, kayaked up to Mosquito Bay and returned the next day. There was some investigation of the islands and beaches along the way including two circumnavigations of Tonga Island. Above right: We stopped at Te Puketia on the way into the park and on the way out because it’s such a nice bay.

Leonie goes paddling (Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014)Leonie at Mosquito Bay (Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014)

Above left: Leonie did some modelling in her bikini (with silly hat). Above right: We camped at Mosquito Bay in the evening. As you can see the weather really was fantastic.

Awesome stars at Mosquito Bay (Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014)The kayak at Te Puketia (Seakayaking Abel Tasman Dec 2014)

Above left: And the stars in the evening weren’t too shabby either. Above right: We were given a standard multi-day tub. Nice and sturdy… and slow…

Lazing in Golden Bay

I’ve just got back from ten days of lazing in Golden Bay, still the most bestest part of New Zealand.

We climbed, kayaked, ran, swam, rode, and pictionaried. Brendan and Andy joined us for a few days half way through and Katie did a cycling mission up to Takaka and we caught up with her briefly too.

Not such a good start (Takaka 2013)Into the blue (Takaka 2013)

Above left: We didn’t have such a good start to the trip with a tyre on the trailer needing replacing in Lewis Pass. The weather was very nice in the pass though so it wasn’t too bad. Above right: It was a beautiful day so we headed out in kayaks to the Tata Islands off Tata Beach.

View from Tata Islands 2 (Takaka 2013)A flying shag (Takaka 2013)

Above Left: We landed on the island and had a bit of ginger beer to celebrate. Above Right: The island was inhabited by many shags.

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Seakayaking Manapouri Jan 2013

Leonie and I zipped down to Lake Manapouri from our camp in Te Anau for an overnight seakayaking trip. We hired gear at the lake and not long after midday we were on the water paddling out of Pearl Harbour. After not long we portaged over to Circle Cove and stopped and had lunch on the beach. We then found a camp site a little further to the North on a nice little deserted beach. After pitching the tent we went for a cruise up around Mahara Island, had a peak into the Hope Arm and returned to camp. We had a cosy evening in front of a fantastic fire that Leonie rustled up although the wet and cooler temperatures seemed to take their toll as we both woke up with colds the next day. A speedy kayak back out the way we came and we were zooming back up to Te Anau.

Leonie with kayak about to launch (Seakayaking Manapouri)Kayak portage (Seakayaking Manapouri)

Above left:  Leonie about to set off for a quick overnight sea kayaking mission on lake Manapouri. Due to limited time we zoomed down to the lake from our camp in Te Anau and hired a kayak for a couple of days. Spontaneous trips are fun. Above right: Not long into the trip we had to portage the kayak over a low section of land to avoid a longer kayak around into Circle Cove. The portage section was from Surprise Bay to Circle Cove and took five minutes or so but only because the lake was in flood and the portage section had almost enough water in it to allow us to kayak through. A couple of families were camping on the remains of the beach (flooding again) and helped us with the portage.

Landed on a beach (Seakayaking Manapouri)Kayak on beach 2 (Seakayaking Manapouri)Leonie looks around (Seakayaking Manapouri)

Above left: Leonie and Cris at our lunch spot on a beach at the south end of Circle Cove. Above middle: Parked up. The kayak on the beach in Cricle Cove at our campsite. Above right: Leonie kayaking.

Leonie burning the beach down (Seakayaking Manapouri)Leonie at campsite (Seakayaking Manapouri)Leonie on campsite beach 4 (Seakayaking Manapouri)

Above left: Leonie rustled up a great fire in the evening at our camp site in Cricle Cove. Someone before us had already set up a fire place so it was just a case of grabbing some of the dried leaves and twigs on the dead tree in the picture and finding some bigger drift wood. We cooked around the fire and tried to dry some of our clothes. In my case this resulted in me melting some stuff instead. Above middle: Our campsite viewed from the fallen beach tree. Above right: Leonie standing on the beach at our campsite.

Mmm fire (Seakayaking Manapouri)View from campsite 2 (Seakayaking Manapouri)

Above left: The fire kept us warm in the evening. Above right: View of the kayak on the beach at camp.

Rainbow across the water (Seakayaking Manapouri)Rainbow on the water (Seakayaking Manapouri)

Above left: A rainbow on the water in the morning. Above right: The lake seemed to be filled with rainbows.

Above: Seakayaking on Lake Manapouri with seabirds.

Above: Rainbow in the morning.

Above: Seakayaking on Lake Manapouri.