Pölven Trail 2017

Leonie and I ran the Pölven Trail in the Kaiser mountains. It’s a hilly half marathon that’s part of the three day Tour de Tirol. We’re not silly so we stuck with just one day of the tour.

We drove to the Kaiser mountains on Friday evening and spent Saturday in the sauna followed by a short walk up into the snow a bit. Sunday morning was very cold but at least it was dry-ish.

Leonie running (Pölven trail)

Above: Leonie and I ran the Pölven trail in the Kaiser mountains in Austria. It’s essentially a half marathon + a few km and has around 1200 m of climbing.

Leonie and I set off together but I edged away after a while and stayed in front for the rest of the race. The cold seemed to suit me a bit and the muddy/slippery technical descents were a treat. Leonie hated them.

Cris and Leonie at the finish (Pölven trail)

Above: I finished in 2:52:11 around about 10 minutes ahead of Leonie. I loved the muddy technical trails. Leonie did not.

I like the course. We did a big loop around a mountain and had some nice steep sections. The route was mostly on little trails. I finished in 2 hours 52 minutes around about ten minutes ahead of Leonie.

And the results Results male/female Results category

Pölven Trail Time: 2:52:11,2 Dst: 23 km Ascent: 1200 m Category Place 36 / 69 Overall Place 157 / 540 Overall Men/Women

Lauf is Gsohl 2017

Leonie and I entered the Lauf is Gsohl again this year at short notice. It’s a short 3.4 km run with around 500 m of climbing that starts in Hohenems in Austria. The race took place earlier this year and it was warmer than last year. This might have helped me as I was a bit faster this time around finishing in 25 minutes 50 seconds. Just like last year I started fast and then died on the steep section in the middle. I managed to run the last section again and passed about 5 people who had overtaken me on the steep part. I even had a nice sprint with a guy right at the end, which I won. Muhahaha. I expect this was due to my facial expression.

I finished in 25:50:00 (20th from 62). Leonie finished in 30:36:00 (7th from 22), eight seconds slower than last year.

Cris finishing (Lauf Is Gsohl 2017)

Above: My facial expression definitely helped me win this sprint to the finish line.

Saulakopf Klettersteig

Katerina, Daniele, and I headed off to Brandnertal early in the morning. We took the lift up to the Douglashütte. From there we walked around the side of the hill and down to the beginning of the Saulakopf Klettersteig. It’s a nice route that leads up to the summit of Saulakopf. Brendan and I tried it out a few years ago. There’s a D section near the start but it doesn’t get harder than this. We ascended to the summit in the sunshine before heading back down to the Douglashütte for some refreshments.

View towards Zimba (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Us (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: We had a good view over to Zimba. Above right: Nothing beats posy pictures. Daniele, Katerina and I did the Saulakopf via ferrata.

Climbing near the start (Saulakopf Klettersteig)View towards the Luenersee (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: There was a short traverse to begin with before we reached the D section. Above right: The views were pretty nice.

Ladder (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Climbing (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: There is a long swinging ladder section that adds some fun. Above right: The route was happy enough that we all did some grinning.