Skiing at Fellhorn

Todd and I headed up to Fellhorn in the morning and went skiing. The snow was hard and icy making our progress towards Austria difficult but once at the top of Kanzelwand we had some good runs down into the Austrian town below. The snow softened up around midday making it more enjoyable. Pommes and Germknödel for lunch and then we headed back into icy Germany skiing in a white out back to the first Gondola station.

Cris and Todd (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize

Above: Todd and I on the German/Austrian border.

Below: Skiing down from Kanzelwand in Austria with Todd.

Kate and Greer had a less than perfect days skiing at Soldereck where Kate had a boring ski lesson while Greer proceeded to get horrible cramp in her legs. Still they seemed reasonably happy when we arrived home.

We had a cozy evening in the flat with candles, central heating, and alcohol. It started snowing later and Kate and Greer frolicked and made a snow man.

Kate and Greer with their creaiion (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Kate writes her name in snow (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above left: Kate and Greer with their little snow man. Above right: Kate proves she can spell her name by stamping it out in snow only to have me accidentally walk over it later.

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