Dolomites Day 1

We rode up over passo Fedaia in the morning, a 600 m-ish climb from the holiday house. The weather was a little dubious but it held out for the climb. We then had a big descent that took us to a coffee shop. I had one of those tasty Italian hot chocolates that have the consistency of pudding. Then it was off up passo san Pellegrino and then a descent in more dubious weather down to the valley. We rode back up the valley to Canazei where we had started.

Thomas and Marco smiling on the way up the first pass (Cycling Dolomites)Cris at passo Fedaia (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: We wrapped up warm and headed off from our holiday house for some cycling goodness. We started with a 600 m climb up to the Fedaia pass where it snowed every so slightly on us. Above right: We reached our first pass and it was rather cold…

Thomas and Marco climbing Passo San Pellegrino (Cycling Dolomites)Marco and Cris at Passo San Pellegrino (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: We had a 1200 m climb up to Passo San Pellegrino. The climb was fairly easy for most of the ride at around 6%-ish but has a nasty 18% section. We had a bit of hail on the way up but managed to marginally avoid the worst of the weather. Above right: We took a few photos at the pass and then wrapped up warm(er) before heading down the other side avoiding most of the oncoming rain.

Cycling in the sun (Cycling Dolomites)Marco enjoys some sun after riding (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: The sun shone on us as we rode the last few kms back to Canazei. Above right: Marco has a short nap in the sun after we returned.

Dolomites Day 1 – Time: 04:06:31 Dst: 87.9 km Avg: 21.4km/h Max: 68.0km/h Ascent: 2174 m

Above: Stats on Strava.

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