Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014

Leonie and I headed off early to Pitztal where we ascended the Linker Fernerkogel with a little bit of help from the gondola up to the glacier. We had awesome whether to begin with but it got a little grey after we left the summit. Still pretty good though.

The ski tour started from the gondola station at the glacier ski field. We skinned out over the Mittelberg glacier and up to a saddle and then on to the summit of the Linker Fernerkogel. A nice easy tour and as a bonus we didn’t fall into any crevasses.

From the summit we descended via the Hangender Ferner to the Mittelberg “Notweg”. We had a long descent back to the car park. In the evening, we drove to Ötztal and spent the Monday lazing in the sauna.

Snow (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)Skinning up (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)

Above left: We cruised over to Pitztal in Austria in the morning and cheated by taking the gondola up onto the glacier. So our ski tour started at about 2800 m. Yay. Awesome weather. Not a cloud in the sky and very warm. Above right: We cruised away from the ski field over the Mittelberg Glacier towards the Linker Fernerkogel.

Cris (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)Cris near the saddle (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)Leonie near the saddle (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)

Above left: We decided to head up the Linker Fernerkogel. A nice easy ascent to a saddle followed by a bit of slightly more steeper stuff to the summit. We trusted that we wouldn’t fall into any crevasses on the glacier by following the ski tracks already there. The guide also reassured us that we’d be ok. Great… Above middle: The weather was perfect, and the snow was delicious. Above right: We tracked up to a saddle where we ate lunch.

Leonie on the ridge (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)Us at the summit 3 (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)

Above left: Then we headed up to the summit on steeper terrain. Above right: Of course we took posy photos at the summit.

View from the summit 2 (Ski tour Linker Fernerkogel April 2014)

Above: The surroundings were spectacular.


Above: 2014/04/20 11:04:24 – We took the gondola up to the Mittelberg glacier and headed off from there.

Above: 2014/04/20 11:38:22 – It was fantastic weather and we skinned across the delicious white glacier.

Above: 2014/04/20 12:59:18 – We had a great view from the saddle.

Above: 2014/04/20 13:43:48 – The view from the summit was good too although the clouds had begun to come in by then.

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