Ski Tour Wöster Horn

Wili came to visit on Friday evening and we headed off to Lech on Saturday and met Leonie there. We got ourselves sorted and went ski touring up Wöster Horn. A nice easy tour with plenty of powder and blue sky.

Nice view (Ski Touring Wöster Horn Feb 2015)Heading up through the powder (Ski Touring Wöster Horn Feb 2015)

Above left: It had snowed on Friday and we were the second group to head up to Wöster Horn in oodles of delicious powder. Above right: Luckily someone had already made a nice track for us to follow.


Skiing down (Ski Touring Wöster Horn Feb 2015)Looking into the valley 2 (Ski Touring Wöster Horn Feb 2015)

Above left: We had a nice descent from the summit. Above right: Back down into the valley.

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