Neuschwannstein with Edit

Edit and I visited the touristy castle Neuschwannstein today near the town Füssen. The train ride was 5 hours in total and our tour of the castle was a lengthy 35 minutes. I think this violates some rule that Greig uses to determine whether to enter a race or not. However, the long train journey was good as it allowed Edit to teach me a bit of sign language. This was most amusing. I think I managed to use nearly every combination of the signs she taught me. We had a fun day together.

Neuschwannstein (Germany) resize Cris with Neuschwannstein behind (Germany) resize Edit with Neuschwannstein behind (Germany) resize

Above: Schloss Neuschwannstein, Cris and the Schloss, Edit and the Schloss.

Below left: Edit and I decided we would make a snow man while waiting for our bus back from the castle to the train station. Unfortunately the snow was really not suitable. Edit improvised and made a flat snow man which turned out quite well.

Below right: Perhaps the negative temperatures got to us. While we were waiting for our connecting train we purchased a bottle of wine and some chippies and tried to warm ourselves by taking swigs in the freezing cold. I am caught in the act.

Edit's flat snowman (Fuessen, Germany) resize Cris is caught in the act (Germany) resize

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