A full day

Julian, Jana, and I headed over to Allgäu last night to spend a weekend with Frauke. Brendan drove over from his new home in Regensburg, and Jakob “zugged” in as well.

Frauke had “ein volles Program” and so we headed out in the morning for our first activity, ski touring.

At the top 2 (Ski touring, Allgaeu) resize

Above: Us at the top of Wertacher Hörnle.

Below: Brendan shows his skills on the descent.

Brendanas descending (Ski touring, Allgaeu) resize

We swapped our touring skis for the narrower langlauf skis and headed out to the track for some uncoordinated flailing of the appendages (me) and some graceful gliding (those with German blood).

We then took a short break for a feed at the nearby guest house before some of us headed out for some night sledding. This should not to be confused with naked sledding despite the similar sounding german words. It was too cold for any of that nonsense.

Sled-man (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above: Cris with his trusty rusty contraption. It proved to be so rusty that sliding was at times difficult. This was good. I had a care for my safety unlike the maniacs below.

Below: Jakob, Brendan, and Frauke about to tempt fate with their implements of death and destruction.

Before lift off (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

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