Tramping to Schrecksee

Emily and I went tramping with Frauke and her friend Sabine (Bini) to the Schrecksee (Allgaeu). We started in the mountains in Austria and crossed back into Germany descending to a lake. It took at most five minutes before Emily and I lapsed into silliness singing all the classic tramping songs. She introduced me to the speckled frog song which I have added to my repertoire. It goes a bit like this

“Five little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious grubs. Yum, yum. One jumped into a pool, where it was nice and cool, then there were four more speckled frogs.”

Quite a classy little number as you can see. We spent the evening swimming in the lake and sitting in the rain that began about the time we tried to BBQ dinner on a little “pocket” BBQ that Frauke had brought with us.

Emily directs (Tramping Schrecksee, Germany) resize Frauke sitting (Tramping Schrecksee, Germany) resize

Above left: Emily made sure we didn’t get lost. Here you can see her efficiently directing the traffic in two possible direction, straight along the bumpy ridge, or down and around. Note her choice of stylish colours typical of the New Zealand tramper. Her expression is one of contemplation as she skillfully carries out here duties as a signpost. Above right: Frauke takes a break along the way.

Trouble with the grill (Tramping Schrecksee, Germany) resize Dinner time 2 (Tramping Schrecksee, Germany) resize

Above left: Frauke and Bini attempt to get the pocket grill working. It was an inspired idea to bring such a device but unfortunately the weather made BBQing difficult. We decided a break in the rain was a good opportunity to start cooking but it wasn’t long before it started raining again which spoiled our fun. Above right: We retreated to a tent for potato salad, half cooked sausages, and raw veggies.

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