Collecting controls on the Port Hills

I went for a little ride around the hills in the morning and then helped Chris and Emily collect controls from their rogaine in the afternoon.

Chris in bush (Port Hills) resize Checking maps (Port Hills) resize

Above: Chris and Emily in the native bush in the valley below the summit road south of Gibraltor rock.

View over Lyttelton Harbour (Port Hills) resize Cris is a control (Port Hills) resize

Above left: Lyttelton Harbour from the summit road. Above right: Cris with control at a trig station on the Summit Road.

View towards Gilbraltor Rock (Port Hills) resize Emily stuck on a cliff (Port Hills) resize

Above left: View towards Gibraltor rock. Above right: Emily went for a nasty bush bash (Chris hadn’t mapped that little section… oops) and found herself trapped above a cliff.

Chris posing with a control by the waterfall (Port Hills) resize Emily getting wet in the waterfall (Port Hills) resize

Above: Chris and Em posing with a control by a nice little waterfall. It was so nice that we decided to quickly dip our skinnies.