Horüti Overbooking Dec 2018

Sam organised a birthday party at their “Horueti” (hut) in Switzerland. Most people headed over there on Friday evening but I took the train on Saturday arriving in the evening. Sam and Sebas had organised a bunch of games to play such as chopping wood for the fire, egg (tomato) and spoon races, guess the random food while blind-folded, put lipstick on some unsuspecting person while blind-folded and curry eating. The last being dinner.

The weather was a bit average so we stayed around inside on Sunday playing various board games and the two guitars we had brought with us.

Abra getting ready to swing the axe (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018Making Sebas extra beautiful (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)

Above left: We had a series of tasks in the evening and we broke into teams to determine which team was best at a particular task. Wood chopping was one such task. Above right: We played the blindfolded lipstick game.

All made up (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)Curry time (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)

Above left: The results from the blind folded lipstick application were amazing. Above right: In the evening we ate an extremely spicy curry.

Rainy times (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)Breakfast time (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)

Above left: Outside the weather was cold and wet. Above right: Breakfast was a healthy mix of bread and cereals.

Lights (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)Sebas (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)

Above left: The atmosphere was warm and cosy. Above right: Sebas and Sam hosted us. The low light made focussing a struggle.

Sam (Horüti overbooking Dec 2018)

Above: Sam, the birthday girl.

Above: Johannes the lumberjack showing us all how to chop wood.