A little mission up Schattenberg

I went for a little mission up Schattenberg this afternoon. I had a bit of difficulty finding the track due to navigational issues but eventually found it and headed along the slippery route. Of course I left too late so I had to turn around when it started getting dark. Half an hour before dark I headed down in the rainy dusk.

Schattenberg is a peak of some 1800 m at the south east side of Oberstdorf. It was taunting me all yesterday as I sat inside coding. I could see a little cross about 400 m below the summit and decided I should investigate it at some point. I didn’t quite get to the cross. My altimeter thought I was at 1440 m when I turned around. Next time!

Schattenberg map where I think I went (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above: A map showing Schattenberg in relation to Oberstdorf (top left hand corner). The red line is the route I think I took and the dotted black line is the route I should have taken. I got a bit confused as the vegetation boundary didn’t show up on my camera in the photo I had taken of the map. The black line presumably showing some sort of lift didn’t seem to exist either and I assumed it was to my left as I climbed. I surmised that if I went straight up I would eventually hit the track. I realised something wasn’t quite right and started sidling around the mountain trying to follow the contours until I eventual hit the track under a bluff. The zig-zagging of the red line is me trying to use my netbooks little touch pad… I only walk in straight lines.

Cris on mission at dusk (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Getting dark (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above left: Me with headlamp descending back down towards Oberstdorf. Above right: The forest gets darker.