More skiing

I met Katha and her friends at the Fellhorn in the morning and we went skiing. It was a good day out. We did some long runs from the top of the mountain all the way down into Austria. I filled my stomach to overflowing at the restaurant with “pommes” and “germknödel”. Oh yes the old knödel. I hadn’t tasted this little treat since I was in Ischgl, Austria in 1998. It’s a dumpling in vanilla sauce covered with sugary poppy seed(?) stuff. It’s filled with jam. Delicious. Apparently it’s only really made for tourists on the ski-fields.

Manu and Marcel (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize A and B (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize

Above left: The lads. Manu and Marcel. Above right: The ladies. Otherwise known as A and B to save space in my small brain.

Below left: Katha and myself. Below right: Us having chocolates after the day’s skiing. My attempt at making a joke in German ended with me getting a rum shot hot chocolate instead of the standard. Yum.

Katha and Cris (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize Hot chocolates after skiing (Fellhorn, Germany) resize

Birthday skiing

It was my birthday today. As I’m still mostly no-friends Cris here I went skiing by myself on the field. It wasn’t too shabby as Toosharn would say. A little cold and lacking in company but still ok. I ran home from the field along the side of the road next to the snow. It’s funny. I don’t mind training here even though it’s below zero degrees. I think it’s ’cause it’s so dry that you don’t really get cold. You just wear a bit more clothing and go out and all is fine and dandy.

I was happy to find facebook overflowing with birthday messages which made me feel less like no-friends Cris and more like very-few-friends-in-Oberstdorf Cris. An improvement one might say.

Starting work

I’ve started work in the ski shop at the bottom of the Fellhorn ski-field. I’m a professional boot-renter. At least that’s been my task mostly so far. I ask people their boot size in German and then deliver a ski or snow board boot depending on their needs. Highly technical I assure you.

My work colleagues are friendly and seem to forgive me for my rather lame grasp of German. The fields great and I went skiing for 2.5 hours today during my “lunch break”. You can ski across into Austria which gets bonus points in my opinion. It’s like the border game but on skis.

NTC Fellhorn 2 (Fellhorn, Germany) resize NTC Fellhorn (Fellhorn, Germany) resize

Above: The outside of the ski shop.

Below: Photos of the ski-field.

Snow snow (Fellhorn, Germany) resize The gondola (Feelhorn, Germany) resize

Below left: “Franzi” in the service area waxing a snow board. Below right: Katharina tries on a new model helmet.

Franzi (Fellhorn, Germany) resize Katharina tries on a helmut (Fellhorn, Germany) resize

Below left: Me on the ski-field. Below right: Grit in the shop.

Cris on the field (Fellhorn, Germany) resize Grit in the shop (Fellhorn, Germany) resize