Summer in Allgäu

I’m living in the little mountain region in Germany called Allgäu . Here’s a collection of photos that nicely sums up the summer in the Allgäu.

Summer 3 (Allgäu, Germany) resize Summer 2 (Allgäu, Germany) resize

Above and below: A typical summer’s day in the Allgäu.

Summer 4 (Allgäu, Germany) resize Summer 7 (Allgäu, Germany) resize


Summer 8 (Allgäu, Germany) resize

Above: Even the cows seem to be sick of the summer rain in the Allgäu. This ones heading off towards the Autobahn, probably in search of warmer climes.

Below: Of course if you’re lucky then you might get a day like this. If that’s the case then it’s hard to beat a real summer’s day here.

Allgäu when the weather is fine (Allgäu, Germany)

Disclaimer: I’m told we’ve been very unlucky with the weather here this summer. Therefore this blog post may not represent a typical summer in Allgäu. For those rain-lovers who search the world for the best rainy places, I won’t be held responsible should you come here expecting rain and are met with a delicious summer’s day. If you want real rain, try the west coast of New Zealand.

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