Day 4 – Skiing in Tamokdalen

Hallvard is our new Norwegian telemarker on our trip. He arrived last night.

It was still snowing heavily and the sun was not to be seen. As Aly, Tim, and Hallvard put it, “it was puking”. We drove for an hour or so to Tamokdalen and found a mountain to skin up. The avalanche danger was rather dubious so we skinned up to just before it started to get steep and did runs up and down the slope for the afternoon.

Ally lifts off (Lyngen Alps, Norway) Chris (Tamokdalen, Norway)

Above left: Aly gets some air. Above right: Chris makes a turn.

Cris (Tamokdalen, Norway) Cris 2 (Tamokdalen, Norway)

Above left: Cris skis through trees. Above right: Cris finds some powder.

Em and Chris (Tamokdalen, Norway) Hallvard 3 (Tamokdalen, Norway)

Above left: Emily and Chris carving down a slope. Above right: Hallvard does a telly turn.

Hallvard flying (Tamokdalen, Norway) Hallvard through the trees (Tamokdalen, Norway)

Above left: Hallvard gets some air. Above right: Hallvard skiing through the trees.

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