Day 4 – Davos into the mountains

The weather had cleared after the night’s rain and we were eager to get away into the hills. I had left Julian’s touring bike in Flims and instead I borrowed Dieter’s mountain bike. Chris packed two full panniers onto his bike and Emily one. This resulted in a new naming convention being formed. Emily was christened One-pan, and Chris Two-pan. Luckily I did not have a carrier on my bike and just had my lugger-backpack.

Above: Pre-trip washing disasters…

We set off up the valley from Dieter’s towards the Sertigpass. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. Or as Dylan Moran likes to put it, it was a beautiful day, the birds were swaying, the trees were singing . We were a little shocked when two punters on punter-bikes wearing jeans cruised past us. Chris and I strained hard to keep up with them but failed. Luckily, we later discovered that they were puntering on electric bikes. Pahhhh, punters these days.

After a little road-side feast, we pushed our bikes up the 600 m climb to Sertigpass and then bumped and thumped our way down the otherside. This was followed by a sidle around the side of the mountain. Chris cursed his fat panniers as the endeavoured to push him off the little track. I cursed my toe-clips as I left the track and summersaulted down the mountain. All I can tell you is that toe-clips are not the way of the future.

We arrived at a little shelter on Scaletta pass in the evening and stayed over night there.

Leaving on a mission (Davos, Switzerland) resize Cris flying (Davos, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Emily and Chris, a.k.a. One-pan, and Two-pan set off on their merry journey. Above right: Learning to fly.

Cris pushes his bike up to Sertigpass (Switzerland) resize Cris at Sertigpass (Switzerland) resize

Above left: Chris lugs his bike up to the top of Sertigpass. There were many less-than-ridable sections. Above right: At the top of Sertigpass.

Cris descending 2 (Sertigpass, Switzerland) resize Cris descending from Sertigpass (Switzerland) resize

Above: Bumping down from Sertigpass.

Above: The sound of merry New Zealanders.

Emily arrives at the shelter (Scaletta Pass, Switzerland) resize Sunset from Scaletta Pass (Switzerland) resize

Above left: Emily arrives at the shelter on Scalettapass. Above right: Sunset on Scaletta pass.

Cris posing 2 (Scaletta Pass, Switzerland) resize Emily and Cris running (Scaletta Pass, Switzerland) resize

Above: And then the posing began. Hijinks at the shelter at Scaletta pass.

Cris and Chris at the shelter (Scaletta Pass, Switzerland) resize Getting water (Scaletta Pass, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Cris and Chris at the shelter on Scalettapass. Above right: Collecting water later in the evening.

Davos to Scalettapass via Sertigpass – Time: 2:56:25 Dst: 18.93 km Avg: 6.4 km/h