A wander in the forest

Edit and I went walking in a forest between Győr and Lake Balaton for a few hours during the day. We followed a little shingle road down a cutting beside a river. We had lunch along the way and chatted about this-and-that. We were entertained by a bunch of young lads battling each other with stinging nettle as we waited by the train for our return journey. We had another sneaky ice cream in Győr on our return before driving back to Edit’s house.

Another evening and then my trip was over. The commute started with Edit driving me to Vienna in the morning before I flew to Switzerland and trained back to Freiburg.

Thank you Edit for a very nice weekend.

On the train in the forest (Hungary) resize Waving shadows (Hungary) resize

Above left and below: Heading through the forest by train. Above right: Waving shadows. We stopped on a bridge for a few minutes and tried to make our shadows grab people walking under us.