Day 15 – Sogndal to Bergen

We caught the ferry in the morning from Sogndal to Bergen. To prove to us that Norway is capable of blue sky and nice sunny weather that’s exactly what we got. It’s a bit of a mean trick as this is our last full day here and the forecast for the next few days are for sunshine. Grrrr.

We collected our gear in Bergen and cycled slowly towards the airport. We’re camping near a forest and lake just off the main road leading to the airport. It’s hot. We’re lazing by the tent in the sun. The sky is completely blue. There’s not a cloud to see. This is the first day in two weeks where it hasn’t rained at least a little bit during the day. It really is a nasty trick. Still maybe we’ll be more lucky next time.

Blue sky is possible in Norway. This is the view during our ferry ride back from Sogndal.
Very Norwegian looking huts at the sea shore.