Some Slovenian fun

After the Tour de Kärnten finished we headed across to Slovenia and camped near the Soča river.

We went for a ride up to Vršič Pass pass once we arrived, and then went for a wander along the Soča .

Arriving at the pass (Slovenia)Farm house 2 (Slovenia)Sign (Slovenia)

Above left: After the Tour de Kaernten we headed to Slovenia for a few days. We started by riding up a nice little pass from Trenta. Above middle: In the afternoon we went for a walk along the Soča river. Above right: Triglav national park is very nice.

The following day we did some tramping in the hills and I followed this up with a short ride in the evening.

Above: A cooking video is always good.


View of the mountains (Slovenia)Cris on snow (Slovenia)Leonie and snow 3 (Slovenia)

Above left: The mountains still had some snow. Above middle: The next day we went for a walk in the national park and found some snow. Above right: Mmm snow.

Waterfall 4 (Slovenia)

Above: Mmm waterfall.

Above: Leonie in the snow.

Above: Our wander took us on a little loop into the national park.

Then the day after we went climbing and then drove to Austria.

Cris climbing (Slovenia)Concentration 2 (Slovenia)

Above left: We did some climbing on Sunday before driving across to Austria. Above right: The motorway was jammed so we spent some time hanging around and did a via feratta route.

Us on the klettersteig 2 (Slovenia)Clipping (Slovenia)At a castle (Slovenia)

Above left: I decided I could keep warm with just my chest hair. Above middle: Isn’t clipping fun? Above right: We checked out a castle ruins and sheltered there from the rain later on with some cake.

Tour de Kärnten 2016 – Stage 6 – Windische Höhe

Today was the last stage of the Tour de Kärnten for 2016. Officially it’s 102 km and 1060 m climbing but my Edge doesn’t believe it and neither do other peoples’ cycle computers. I reckon it’s 100 km and almost 1200 m. Anyway, the official profile is below (again courtesy of Tour de Kärnten).


My time was 02:59:09.2, which I was reasonably happy with.

The race went like this. I decided I should position myself better in the bunch for the neutralised section so made sure I was at the start of the B block. I managed to stay fairly close to the lead motorbike until the gun went. Then everyone, as expected, went crazy. The pace jumped from 30 km/h to 48 km/h. People started sliding backwards through the bunch. We were on a large three lane road and whenever we hit a hill the bunch would swell up and take both lanes going in our direction.

I stuck with the main bunch for 35 km but then decided that my legs were getting cooked and that I might be able to stick with them for a few more km but then I’d run out of juice and not be able to ride at any descent speed. Slow me. So I let the bunch ride away and rode by myself for a few kilometres waiting for the next bunch. But there wasn’t any… Oh dear.

Luckily a Belgium guy named Lorenzo saved the day and came flying past with two women in tow. I jumped on a wheel and he pulled us like crazy for the next 35 km-ish. We collected a few more people on the way. Around the 75(?) km mark he signalled that we should stop free-loading and take a turn. We rotated for a while at a pace that was pretty hard for me. At the 80 km mark we started climbing and our Belgium powerhouse was gone in a moment.

Our small bunch broke apart and I rode with the Inge, the remaining woman in the bunch, for a while until a guy caught us up and towed us a bit more. Yup, I was determined to do as little as possible. Overall, the last 20 km were hard. Some guys caught up, some rode away again. Near the finish another woman passed us and we all jumped on her wheel. I think there were about five of us at this point.

At the 500 m mark I pointed to my back wheel a couple of times and Inge moved over to it. I intended to lead her out for the sprint but pushed a bit hard and ended up dropping everyone so crossed before the rest of the bunch.

So to sum up the race, the day was saved by a Belgium guy, Lorenzo, and without his efforts I would have been much slower.

Above: Strava has something to say.

I waited at the finish line for Leonie to cross a bit later on.

Leonie crosses the finish line Stage 6 (TdK 2016)

Above: Leonie finished in 3 hours 35 minutes.

Overall, a very nice tour again. My legs seemed to improve each day, which was nice.

Tour de Kärnten 2016 – Stage 5

Today was the fifth stage of the Tour de Kärnten. It’s known as the “Wintersport-Runde” and is 94 km with 1400 m of climbing. The profile looks like this


Above: The height profile of the Wintersport Runde 2016 courtesy of Tour de Kärnten.

The sun was back although it was a bit fresh at the start. The first 10 km or so were neutralised again. I stopped for a pee near the end of the neutralised section and ended up some way back  at the beginning of the first hill. Ooops. Anyway, I cruised along with the bunch that I ended up with all the way to the finish line. The stage seemed to suit my legs a bit better.

The climb out of Radenthein seemed not too bad and I found myself riding off the front of the bunch for a bit. I made sure I did no work on the long flat descent and then managed to stay with the bunch on the last longer climb. I stayed near the front for the last descent and jumped on a few wheels and then was in a good position for the last 200 m up hill to the finish. I put a bit of distance between me and the next guy and crossed the finish line in first… Ermm… first in my bunch… so really, something silly like 124th of 241.

I wanted to compare my result with the last time I rode the stage in 2014 but the organisers have cunningly snuck in an extra 14 km and perhaps 300 m more climbing. Very cunning.

I finished in 03:14:41.2. Leonie finished in 03:50:22.8.


Above left: This is what happens when you shoot RAW with a Sony RX 100. It sometimes takes a long time before taking a photo. Or was Leonie just super speedy crossing the finishing line? Above right: Leonie looking pleased to be finished.