Some Slovenian fun

After the Tour de Kärnten finished we headed across to Slovenia and camped near the Soča river.

We went for a ride up to Vršič Pass pass once we arrived, and then went for a wander along the Soča .

Arriving at the pass (Slovenia)Farm house 2 (Slovenia)Sign (Slovenia)

Above left: After the Tour de Kaernten we headed to Slovenia for a few days. We started by riding up a nice little pass from Trenta. Above middle: In the afternoon we went for a walk along the Soča river. Above right: Triglav national park is very nice.

The following day we did some tramping in the hills and I followed this up with a short ride in the evening.

Above: A cooking video is always good.


View of the mountains (Slovenia)Cris on snow (Slovenia)Leonie and snow 3 (Slovenia)

Above left: The mountains still had some snow. Above middle: The next day we went for a walk in the national park and found some snow. Above right: Mmm snow.

Waterfall 4 (Slovenia)

Above: Mmm waterfall.

Above: Leonie in the snow.

Above: Our wander took us on a little loop into the national park.

Then the day after we went climbing and then drove to Austria.

Cris climbing (Slovenia)Concentration 2 (Slovenia)

Above left: We did some climbing on Sunday before driving across to Austria. Above right: The motorway was jammed so we spent some time hanging around and did a via feratta route.

Us on the klettersteig 2 (Slovenia)Clipping (Slovenia)At a castle (Slovenia)

Above left: I decided I could keep warm with just my chest hair. Above middle: Isn’t clipping fun? Above right: We checked out a castle ruins and sheltered there from the rain later on with some cake.