School group in Oberstdorf

I helped out with one of Ulli and Deidre’s school groups at the climbing wall today. The weather was rubbish and that had meant their plan for the day had had to be revised. So at 9 am, a instructor named Gavin picked me up and we drove to Oberstdorf in his old combi-van.

I spent the day belaying kids on the climbing wall and trying to speak German with them. It was good fun. My German sucks but they seemed to understand. They were well behaved which made it more enjoyable. The climbing wall was packed and we had to jostle for space with the British Army who seemed to have a bazillion ropes up. I enjoyed pretending to be German while British accents rang out in the hall.

Cris helping with team belaying (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Cris helping with team belaying 2 (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above: Cris with kids from the school group doing a team belaying exercise.

In other exciting news, I have a place to live in Oberstdorf. Simone, a couch surfer from Oberstdorf suggested I live in a little attic-flat in her mother’s new-old house while she is away in Canada. I went and checked it out with Kati today. By chance she knows Simone and her mother from years ago.

The little flat was bigger than I expected. It looks a little old and is currently unfurnished but with some pictures, a bed, and some pots and pans it could look good. I’ve been given a very good deal on rent. Fantastic. Thank you Simone.

My unfurnished room in Oberstdorf (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Kitchen in flat 1 (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above: My new abode. Ok, it’s looking a little bare at the moment but with a bed, some pots and pans, and perhaps some colourful pictures it could be quite nice.

Below: A quick tour…