OE 2006

I caught up with some of Gina’s family today. Ulli, Deidre, Hannah, and I met Jürgen, Nina, and Timon at the climbing wall in Oberstdorf and then we had kaffee und kuchen with them back in Sonthofen. Nina is Gina’s aunt and we stayed with her, Jürgen, and Timon when we were in Europe, last time, in 2006 for 6 months. It was great to see them again.


Jürgen belaying (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Cris getting ready (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Ulli belays Hannah (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above left: Jürgen belaying in the climbing hall in Oberstdorf. Above middle: Cris fluffing around as always. Above right: Ulli belays Hannah on the ladder.

Below: Timon, Nina, Deidre, Hannah, Jürgen/Cris, and Ulli having kaffee und kuchen.

Kaffee und kuchen (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Kaffee und kuchen 2 (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize