Portugal perhaps

It looks like I might have a new plan for the next couple of weeks. I was tapping away to Emily on Skype a couple of days ago and she was bemoaning the fact that she can’t take any time off work to support Chris in his upcoming adventure race. To cut a short story shorter, I am probably flying to Portugal on 6 November to support Team Nike/Beaver Creek in the 2009 Adventure Racing World Champs. My friend Kati will be flying in from Germany to lend support and drive the team vehicle.

Chris has been entering adventure races for a few years now. He started off racing with Aaron Prince on team GoLite/Timberland (now disbanded) in 2005. They finished second to Nike in the Primal Quest in 2006 and Chris began racing for Nike the following year. In 2007 Nike won the World Adventure Racing Championships in Scotland with Chris as their navigator. Here’s some puff from Sleep Monsters about the team. Now that’s puff to be proud of.

It looks like there are two teams from New Zealand entering; the very strong OrionHealth.com with Brent and Anna and Nga Rakau whom I know nothing about. Nike has a large Kiwi influence with two out of the four team mates from New Zealand. Oooh.

You can follow the race on Twitter, Facebook, or the website.

Chris and the flintstones cleaning up (TWALK 2005) resize Chris happily navigating in a white-out (Ivory Lake 2007) resize

Above left: Chris and “The Flintstones” cleaned up in TWALK 2005 despite carrying their car for the first leg. Above right: Chris was happy to navigate in a white-out during our tramping trip to Ivory Lake in 2007. Tim, Greig, and Clare opted for a GPS.

Below: Chris follows Gina up a steep slope on our trip to Ivory Lake.

Chris follows Gina up a snow face (Ivory Lake 2007) - crop resize