Day 1 – Chur to Flims

I took the train to Chur in Switzerland about midday and met Chris and Emily, the Silly Billies there. They had just arrived from two weeks of cycle tour missioning around Iceland and claimed that they were in need of a good wash. They had oodles of gear strewn around their bikes but somehow they managed to pack it all away again and we set off towards Flims. It was Swiss O Week and the plan was to catch up with the NZ orienteers and meet up with the NZ Orienteering Team’s Swiss coach Dieter.

Cris arrives in Chur (Chur, Switzerland) resize Em and Chris with bikes and gear (Chur, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Cris arrives in Chur. Above right: Chris and Em, the Silly Billies, in Chur.

Emily lifts her bike (Switzerland) resize Cris riding along next to river (near Chur, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Emily lifts her bike up steps. Above right: Cris riding with his collection of unsexy bags.

We were mislead by some cycle path signs and ended up taking a detour down along a river before heading back to the road. It wasn’t until around 10 pm that we arrived in Flims and managed to meet up with Dieter. He showed us to a camping spot at a sports ground in Flims and we pitched there for the night.

Above: Emily navigates the narrow path beside the river.

Time: 1:59:37 Dst: 28.6 km Avg: 14.34 km/h Max: 56.42 km/h

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