A sunny day in the Allgaeu

I went for a run through the fields in the morning and then we all headed over to the base of Mittag, a mountain near Immenstadt. I mountain biked to the top while the others took the chair lift. I thrashed myself like in the Schauinslandkoenig last weekend for no particularly good reason. I ended up getting to the top in 50 minutes and feeling pretty rotten. At least Julian wasn’t making me suffer this time round. My stomach seems to be suffering from I-don’t-know-what. Dodgy water in the Schwarzwald? Anyway, eating food makes me want to vomit which doesn’t bode well for exercise.

Right, that last paragraph sounds like a lot of whining, which is not the feeling I want to convey.

‘Cause I enjoyed suffering up the hill in a way and it’s a beautiful day here. Warm and sunny. I cruised back down from the top to the halfway restaurant and lay on the grass and looked up at paragliders soaring in the air above me. After an energy top up of coke (my stomach likes that) with the others I headed back down to Immenstadt and followed random cycle routes back towards Untermaiselstein. These took me past little villages and through patches of fur forest.

I lazed on the grass in the sun once I arrived home and listened to delicious trance music. It’s very nice here. The German accent/dialect sounds funny.

[gmap lat=’47.536859′ lon=’10.217497’]

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