Day 3 – Via Ferrata Flims

We did a via ferrata with Dieter and the kiwis in the morning. It was a 700 m ascent up a cliff face near Flims.

Via Ferrata near Flims with the kiws (Switzerland) resize

Above: On the via ferrata.

Above: On the via ferrata… still…

In the afternoon we headed to Davos to stay the night with Dieter. Dieter cooked up a raclette storm and we played the cook your own meal game.


Dieter, Chris, and Em having lunch (SOW 2011, Switzerland) resize Mmmm raclette (Davos, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Eating lunch with Dieter before heading to Flims. Above right: Mmmm Raclette. The cheesy cook-your-own-meal game.

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