Ari visits-8-running

We got up early and got rid of the tent. We walked down the beach to get fresh water and ate breakfast. I went running for a couple of hours along the Heaphy Track and Ari went for a walk. It turned into an amazingly sunny and warm day and the beaches and their white sand looked amazing with the dep blue water. The bush was also very nice with many nikau palms. I met Ari on the track and we headed down to one of the beaches and walked along taking photos and enjoying the sunshine. Once back at Scott’s Beach we took photos of the waves crashing onto the beach. The cold water was soothing on my legs.

We walked out back to the car later and went swimming in the river to get rid of the salt.

In the early evening we started driving South again along the straight road by the sea and then the windy Karamea Highway through the bush. We stopped and filmed the nice place. I took over the driving again and we drove up the Buller as dusk fell arriving at the camp site at the beginning of the Old Ghost Road as the sun set.

Running along the heaphy (Ari visits 2020)A weka (Ari visits 2020)Hopeful seagull (Ari visits 2020)Scotts beach from above (Ari visits 2020)Cris hiding (Ari visits 2020)Night sky (Ari visits 2020)

1) I went for a run along the Heaphy Track for a couple of hours. The palms were very nice. So were the beaches. I met Ari again on the track on my way back and we went down to one of the beaches and enjoyed the sun and sand.

2) There were so many wekas. Much more than I remember in the past.

3) A hopeful seagull waiting for a scrap.

4) Looking down onto Scotts beach from above.

5) Hiding behind rocks.

6) After leaving the Heaphy Track we drove South to Westport and then up the Buller River arriving after the sunset at the camp at the start of the Old Ghost Road. We heated up some beans for some quick nachos before bed.