Ari visits-14-Kayaking Abel Tasman

We left Mosquito Bay in sunshine as the tide was coming in. So as to see Sandfly bay at high tide we skipped Bark Bay and headed straight across to the bar of sand that hides the entrance to the lagoon and river mouth of Sandfly Bay. It was a nice mix of blues and greens as we kayaked up and under the bridge of the Abel Tasman track.

We headed back out and then kayaked into Frenchman Bay where we stopped for lunch on the beach. The tide had turned so we jumped back into our kayaks before being stranded and kayaked towards Te Puketia. There was a bit of swell crossing to Te Puketia which Ari didn’t like too much. We sat on the beach for a while before heading around to Watering Cove which was our campsite for the evening.

Kayaking (Ari visits 2020)Kayaking again (Ari visits 2020)A short break (Ari visits 2020)Camp at Watering Cove (Ari visits 2020)Iron sand (Ari visits 2020)View towards Anchorage (Ari visits 2020)Night time (Ari visits 2020)

1) We left Mosquito Bay in the morning and kayaked South. The tide was right so we visited Sandfly Bay and kayaked up the river. It was beautiful only disturbed by the occasional motor boat.

2) After having a break at Frenchman’s Bay we kayaked across to Te Puketia. Ari didn’t like this at all due to the swell. I was less concerned.

3) We stopped at Te Puketia for a while before kayaking the rest of the way around to Watering Cove.

4) We set up camp in the sandy patch above the beach.

5) We found iron sand while walking on the beach in the evening.

6) We went for a walk to get fresh water from Anchorage in the evening.

7) Another clear night.