Ari visits-13-Kayaking Abel Tasman

We got up early and packed the tent and by 7 am we were driving towards Awaroa. The weather was suspiciously grey considering the weather forecast which was for sunshine and happiness.

We weren’t put off though and drove down to the water edge where we unloaded the kayaks and packed our copious quantities of food into them. We set out across the inlet with the water still coming in. Once we left the inlet it began to get a bit choppy with some swell. Ari did not like this one bit so she paddled like a maniac not wanting to stop for a rest.

The grey was a bit oppressive and it wasn’t like the Abel Tasman day that I’d hoped for. Still we went and checked out shag harbour which was nice and at one point the sun poked out from the cloud.

Continuing on we decided not to land at Tonga Quarry as it wasn’t that warm and instead we kayaked past Tonga Island looking at the seals on the way past.

We pulled into Mosquito Bay and set up camp. The weather began to improve. We had a nap and by the time we were finished the sand was looking that amazing golden colour that it should. The water was back to its amazing colour too.

We walked along the beach for a bit and saw an oyster catcher family with two babies.

Grey day at the Abel Tasman (Ari visits 2020)At Mosquito Bay (Ari visits 2020)Mosquito Bay sunshine (Ari visits 2020)Stars at night (Ari visits 2020)

1) We were surprised to find low cloud and mist as we drove into the Abel Tasman National Park. It had been a sunny morning in Takaka. We parked at the Awaroa Inlet carpark and set off in the kayaks from there.

2) We made it to Mosquito Bay in the early afternoon. Ari had not enjoyed the choppy wavy sea on the way. The weather began to improve a bit as we set up camp and had something to eat.

3) By the evening the weather had improved dramatically and the golden sand was looking good.

4) I took some early morning photos of the stars.