Ari visits-16

We packed up and drove towards the Marlborough Sounds. We turned off the main road and headed towards Tennyson Inlet. I’d heard that it’s nice but had never been there. The road was narrow and winding and climbed steeply. We disappeared beneath cloud as we descended to the inlet.

We had a picnic and went for a walk along the Nydia Track a little way. Later we drove to Pelorus Bridge for the night.

Tennyson Inlet (Ari visits 2020)View of Tennyson from above (Ari visits 2020)At worlds end (Ari visits 2020)Night time at Pelorus Bridge (Ari visits 2020)

1) We left Marahau and drove through Nelson and further on to the Rai Valley. From there we headed out the small winding road to Tennyson Inlet.

2) We had lunch down by the water at Tennyson Inlet and I went for a quick fly before we went for a walk in the bush along the coast line.

3) We continued driving around the road until we came across the world’s end. Since it was no exit we assumed we couldn’t go much further and turned around.

4) We drove to Pelorus Bridge in the evening and stayed at the nice camp site there.