Ari visits-5-walking

We drove down the shingle road a bit to Andrews Shelter and ate breakfast by the river. We then went for a short walk up the track in the beach forest. We saw some curious robins on the way. Back at the car, we drove to Arthurs Pass and had lunch below the punch bowl falls. The sun kept warming us as we drove to the west coast. We stopped at Lake Brunner for a quick walk and looked at the pancake rocks in Punakaiki before arriving at our Air BnB.

Our hosts were very friendly and Andrew had offered us some fresh elephant fish that he had caught that day. We added it to our curry which was delicious.

Morning at our camp (Ari visits 2020)Morning at our camp (Ari visits 2020)Morning at our camp (Ari visits 2020)A little robin (Ari visits 2020)Driving off to Arthurs Pass (Ari visits 2020)

1) View from our camp in the morning.

2) There was a morning mist hanging across the paddocks.

3) We camped near beach trees on the open grassy flat.

4) We went for a walk up the track from Andrews Shelter and met some inquisitive robins along the way.

5) After our short walk we headed off towards Arthurs Pass.

A punga on the coast (Ari visits 2020)The pancake rocks (Ari visits 2020)Our Air BnB on the coast (Ari visits 2020)

1) We drove from Arthurs Pass to the West Coast.

2) We had a look at the pancake rocks in the evening.

3) We stayed in an AirBnb a wee way north of Punikaiki for a couple of nights. It was quite ok. A little cabin thing and a shared kitchen and shower.