Ari visits-9-kayaking

We left our camp site at the beginning of the Old Ghost Road on the Buller River and drove to Murchison. We took over the park bench and dried the tent, had breakfast, and started packing for an overnight adventure in the kayaks.  We drove to St Arnaud and packed everything into the kayaks trying to stay out of the hot burning sun. There was no wind and it was a perfect day.

We kayaked along the length of the lake arriving at Coldwater Hut after a few hours. Before dinner, we went for a little walk from the hut.

Getting ready to leave (Ari visits 2020)Kayaking across the lake (Ari visits 2020)At coldwater hut (Ari visits 2020)Ari with the kayaks (Ari visits 2020)

1) We drove to Nelson Lakes stopping in Murchison for breakfast and to repack and sort all our gear. We got the kayaks ready for an overnight trip.

2) We kayaked across Lake Rotoiti to Coldwater Hut at the head of the lake.

3) The hut was quite nice. We shared it with a few others in the evening.

4) The kayaks went well on the lake. It was completely calm and warm and the crossing of the lake was enjoyable.