Ari visits-17-kayaking

We left Pelorus Bridge in the morning after a short swim in the nice deep green and quite warm water. We drove to Aussie Bay in Queen Charlotte Sound and ate lunch. Later in the afternoon we got the kayaks into the water.

There was a strong breeze coming directly down the sounds that we battled into. It was pleasantly warm and it was nice to be getting some arm exercise. We turned left and kayaked across to Davies Bay. Ari didn’t much like the wind and the waves it created but I didn’t think it was too dramatic.

We lay in the sun on the grass at the camp site for a while before paddling back. We drove a little before cooking dinner on the road above the sounds.

We arrived at the camp site at the Nelson Lakes turn off shortly before midnight and set up camp.

Diving (Ari visits 2020)Ari sitting on a sideways tree (Ari visits 2020)Us (Ari visits 2020)Kayaking (Ari visits 2020)

1)  Swimming at Pelorus Bridge. I went swimming in the nice river in the morning before we got back on the road.

2) We continued on towards Queen Charlotte Sounds. This tree was growing almost horizontal to the water. It made a good place to sit.

3) We kayaked across the grove arm to the other side and lay on the grass in the sun while the sandflies nibbles at our exposed skin. Ari didn’t much like the waves while crossing.

4) We kayaked to the bay to the right behind Ari on the other side of the grove arm. Ari enjoyed being on the other side but didn’t much like crossing there and back. There had been quite a strong wind as we kayaked up the righthand side of the grove.