Ari visits-15-Kayaking Abel Tasman

We left Watering Cove early and kayaked to Marahau. It was a sunny morning and the sea was calm. We dragged the kayaks up through the marshland to the road and found the nearest camp ground to set up at. After lunch I headed off back into the park on foot with the goal of running to Awaroa to pick up the car. It had turned into a very nice day. The water was a beautiful blue and the sand an amazing yellow. The track was packed but as I got further into the park the number of people reduced significantly until there was just me in paradise. My legs seemed to be ok. I wasn’t super fast but they seemed fairly happy. I crossed the Awaroa Inlet dead on low tide and got to the car. It was then a two hour drive back to Marahau to see Ari and to make delicious kumara burgers for dinner.

Running the Abel Tasman (Ari visits 2020)A sunny day (Ari visits 2020)Much grennery (Ari visits 2020)View towards Onetahuti (Ari visits 2020)

1) We kayaked out to Marahau and set up camp there. We had a quick lunch and then I ran back into the park.

2) I ran the track back to Awaroa Inlet, arriving there in the evening. From there I drove the car back around to meet Ari again.

3) The Abel Tasman National Park really is very pretty.

4) The view down towards Onetahuti.

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